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Apple Releases iOS 13 and this is best featured

Apple Releases iOS 13 and this is best featured

Update: Release “3” since Apple has restarted the version for iOS 13 Public Beta.

Right, today we are waiting! A few weeks before anticipating what we saw on WWDC (although last week’s official note was blown off), but iOS 13 was the first, Public Beta could now be downloaded!

How To Install iOS 13?

If you’re new to the General Beta Program, you get fate. You should all bring to the website https://beta.apple.com with the iPhone you want to register, login, and download the profile once it’s registered. Then go to General> Software Update and download and install iOS 13 Public Beta.

If you are testing iOS 12.4, however, you have several titles to jump. Open the Settings application and select General> Profile. Select Profile Profile Beta and click Remove profile. Once you’ve confirmed the deletion, go to the Public Beta Program site and reinstall the device before you follow the steps above.

What’s broken?

If you have been a beta beta tester for the past month, you may use a fixed stream where everything works as expected and 100% of the timeTime is over.So what’s busting? Less than Developer Beta 2 (recommended for “fans only”), but still enough to give you a bit before downloading a new beta profile.

Here’s a high-level list of issues now known in iOS 13, Public Beta (beta developers based on 2 notes until the latest set is available, so check back for updates).

You are not crazy. You can not load anything. Shortly after the update for iOS 13, clicking links can cause the app to become unresponsive.
Black screen is expected.

Wallpaper is not displayed properly.

If you know Wi-Fi is still alive, it does not appear in the status bar, which is expected. Check your Control Center to make sure you’re inactive.Living in the EU? Welcome to the northwest where volume limit warnings may not exceed the maximum limit.

If you have a large library of images, you may want to download it from iPhone before installing the beta – it’syour responsibility to pause to get the Apple logo and install it during the upgrade.I know, I will check the new Max VO2 data, but typing Trend kills the Activity app.

Books and PDF apps are not working right now.

Your iCloud library items can take a long time to appear in Books. Downloaded local items can also be re-uploaded.CarPlay can not switch automatically between light and dark modes. The garage door button can not be used.”Administered when found” is not available on the new Login Search app.

The file you share in iCloud a bit earlier than before – hopes it works by accident.Hopefully you like Quickpath, because when it is active, it can not be turned off.Please do not stop music. Music used in the Music app may continue to play.Searching Notes can generate “unexpected results.” What makes me want to use more, but I only.
The current phone service can not be accused exactly when it changes from mobile to Wi-Fi.

Chromecast connection caused.

In Gmail, you will not see all the messages you want.Changing everything you want, Instagram is now silent.
WhatsApp and Wells Fargo applications can stop accidentally when doing what they expect.

And that’s just a few bugs reported. If anything on this list gives you a break, do not install iOS 13. No warranty will be granted anytime (or related items will not be moved and become more difficult).

Did I install the beta?

There is no doubt that the final release of iOS 13 will be a substitute for the game in terms of security and convenience. Is it stable enough to be installed on your primary device?

Of course.As awesome as iOS 13, this is a very early beta. Things are broken. Application will not work. It will be inconsistent (or can not respond). If you rely on iPhone to do so

Microsoft Reconsidering is the new plan

Microsoft Reconsidering is the new plan

Microsoft, which has led to AI ethical implications so many of Brad Smith’s president met with Pope Francis in February to discuss how to make the best possible system responsibilities, thinking of reserves to add AI ethics to enrolling official audit products.

In March, Microsoft’s AI executive president and Research Harry Shum told people at the EmTech Digital Conference MIT Technology Review company will continue to add AI ethics to the standard checklist for the product to be released. However, a Microsoft spokeswoman said in an interview, if the plan was just wrong “some of the options discussed,” and its implementation is not guaranteed.

They said efforts were underway for the AI ​​strategy that would influence the company’s operations, which repeatedly for the product of the level.

“Microsoft has put an end to the principle of internal facial recognition and continues to work to operationalize the broader AI principles throughout the company,” said the spokesman.

The arrangements made during the Silicon Valley executives join the best way to ensure a biased balance affecting human programmers not making their way into machine learning machines and artificial intelligence.

It’s also like an industry used to address manipulative issues, including the face of a system that misleads individuals with blacks, autonomous vehicle tracking systems that are failing to find far more distance than other groups and voice recognition systems struggling to recognize speakers language English is not original.

The AI ​​ethical launch program launched by Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Tesla showed some successes and failures in the past year that included product overhauls designed to tackle research tendencies and denials showing critical bias in AI architecture.


In addition, Microsoft has several internal work groups stacked for AI Ethics, including Justice, Accountability, Transparency and Ethics in AI (FAT), a group of researchers “striving for collaborative research projects that meet the need for transparency, accountability and fairness in the AI “. They also have board AI Ethics and Effect in Techniques and Research (Aether) board reporting to senior leaders.

How Dreams I Do not Know I Have Faith

and has led to “significant” cancellation due to weaknesses in the use of ethical products, according to Research Research Research Director Eric Horvitz. Microsoft’s spokesperson said Aether’s team could also use tools to “track and overcome bias, guides that promote interaction and human and AI membership as well as methods for making AI recommendations better.” Microsoft as a founding co-founder of AI, a company formed with Amazon, Facebook, Deep Mind Google and IBM to learn, “ethics, justice and inclusiveness, transparency, privacy and interoperability; collaboration between people and the AI ​​system; and confidence, endurance and technology endurance. ”


On April 4, Google executives drew attention to the Advanced Technology Advisory Council (ATEAC), the collaboration of executives, researchers and advocates formed to examine the implications of artificial etiquette products and services.

Gods who are less than a week old, face opposition from workers forming a petition titled “Googlers Against Transphobia and Hate” to eliminate members of Cole James, conservative conservative The Heritage Foundation. The opposition also said Dyan Gibbens, founder of Trumbull Unmanned drone company.

Gibbens added in the group after some Googlers retreated last year in protest from the Defense Department’s contract to plot the software drone field.

Ten days after AETAC was completed, the Wall Street Journal reported that Google unveiled the same place in the United Kingdom to set the ethical use of.

AI in health care technology.

Updated 26 blog posts, Google Senior Vice President Global Affairs Kent Walker said the company would “go back to the drawing board” and consider a new way to study and study ethical AI. Since then, the manufacturer of Alphabet Inc.

owned subsidiaries continue to work through a structure of structured study last year comprising researchers, socialists, specialists, senior executive councils and so on “to address the most complex and difficult issues, including singing decisions for various products

Can The AI Economy really make over

Can The AI Economy really make over

Can AI really be worth $ 150 Trillion in six years?
Artificial intellectuals are organized to bring global productivity, work patterns and lifestyles and create great wealth.

Gartner’s research firm believes the global AI economy could grow from $ 1.2 trillion last year to $ 3.9 trillion by 2022, when McKinsey reports on global economic activity around $ 13 trillion by 2030.In the same year, PricewaterhouseCoopers recorded $ 15.7 trillion – more than the merger of China and India.

But Tej Kohli’s investors are confident that the impact will be faster and exponential, but, with a potential $ 150 trillion in 2025.The IMF’s second prediction of $ 88 trillion in global gross domestic product this year, but Kohli is not strong.

Very clear

“Conventional wisdom is very wary,” he said. “The Internet today is worth $ 50 trillion. It can take and extrapolate at least three or more times as many applications to earn $ 150 trillion.

“I do not know how I can do because AI has many industries and other applications;”Anyone on the internet can work through AI more intelligently and more effectively.”Kohli pays for the development of an e-commerce payment solution during the dotcom explosion and invest in the property of global technology technology ahead of Berlin.

He announced in June that he spent $ 100m more on Rewired, the studio focusing on AI robots and a machine business that could enhance business, improve health and enhance and extend human life.

Specific investment is Seldon, a London-based technology company, who has said it has developed a platform for programming open source programming so computers can learn “faster, bigger and better”.

Another is Aromyx, a technology development in the United States that produces measurements and digitization of taste and aroma, which will allow detection and capture of new data modalities for essential process processes for AI.

Kohli also invested in exports of $ 20m, believed in the sector as a global phenomenon. He believes that a fast AI in China will see Shenzen beyond the sophisticated Silicon Valley as the AI global hub over the medium term.

The global development of the 5G variety will complement the use of widely used global smartphones to eliminate technology barriers to overcome the AI revolution on the internet.

Tipping Point

“Now we are at the point, after AI and the learning machine will grow exponentially to support and benefit every human aspect,” said Kohli.

“I believe $ 150 trillion if you want to reinforce human norms and behaviors, using AI to make our lives more efficient without radically changing our lives to the fullest extent that AI can.”

When Kohli saw bigger and bigger wealth than Ai, they also warned that if not AI products that caused the generous “generous foam” of generating generating products while improving their lives, AI was not as fast as promising.

“AI can only change the world while there is an accessible user interface that creates more businessmen to build AI products that enable everyone to access the full benefits of AI’s economy,” he said.

“The main problem with AI right now is that it does not have an easy-to-access and intuitive user interface that allows individuals or companies to become an AI economy.

“For AI’s shape and excitement, it’s easy to make AI products like smartphone applications, now we have all parts to build the right car in the front, but far too expensive to drop.”

Platform Power

History suggests that the early stages of technology are often the case, with new technology that is annoying when a platform is created for entrepreneurs to create new products and applications.

The development of the Internet from the beginning, for example, slowly until the first web browser was released by Netscape and Microsoft.

Android and iOS have the same effect on the early smartphone limits, when the 3D printer, created in 1984, only started to cause more harmful effects when it was adopted by the intuitive, inexpensive and easy-to-use interface.”Once the interface is available, the growth becomes exponential,” said Kohli.


Feathers and Leathers a new invention

Feathers and Leathers a new invention

A new weapon of theropod dinosaurs, Ambopteryx longibranchium, was named and taxonomically classified after fossils discovered in Liaoning Province in northeastern China revealed the difference from the expected wing morphology of its contemporaries.

Upper Jurassic upper fossils originally formed a longer styloid extension, or ‘styliform element,’ in addition to the extended manual digit, which together are expected to provide support for the bat wings.

In an interesting discovery reported in Nature magazine in May 2019, the remains of membrane tissues have been kept around the upper leg, which is defined by scientists to form surfing wing surfaces. Membrane wings were previously unknown in theropods, a dinosaur clade that created modern birds.

This fossil shows that other evolutionary experiments with aviation exist in this group during Jurrassic. The confirmation of the presence of the styliform element supports the conclusion that the structure of dinosaurs and other closely related hands, such as Yi qi, is more likely to be used as an aviation apparatus rather than a specific nutritional mechanism or for display or signal requirements.

The evolutionary development observed in this study separates Ambopteryx from early bird ancestors, but shows still associated with phylogenetics. Ambopteryx joins Yi in a unique and unique theropod group called Scansoriopterygids. It is expected that the Parawan dinosaur group is branched from a bird group before Archeopteryx and other fledgling experimental experts appear.

Ambopteryx phylogenetic longibranchium diagram

The Phylogenetic Figure of Nature Magazine (May 9, 2019) relates to Ambopteryx for theropods, raptors, and bird lineage.

The three winged taxonomic orders, Pterosauria, Chiroptera and Aves, exhibit specific and distinct variations on the forelimb morphology that support wings used for powerful flights, as opposed to flying or gliding. Each group has a unique skeletal scaffold that supports a soft tissue consisting of wings.


develops an extending fourth number that functions as a membrane wing portion, with three small remaining trays. Bats showcase hand support such as long membrane wings, in which four long bone lengths extend. The furry wing of a bird is supported by a strong edge formed by what looks like a fused fingers.

As established firmly through fossil record, modern birds emerged from the theropod lineage, indicating that theropod would develop feather flight and proved by fossils like Archeopteryx. The new species is the difference from this logical evolution trajectory, indicating that membrane wings may develop and then disappear.

Researchers point out that such bats are allowed for early evolution experiments in volatile flights, or limited air surfaces. Styliform skeletal elements that will provide skeletal support or gliding wings are not found in any other dinosaur groups except Yi and Ambopteryx, but are found in living vertebrates.

In species such as mammals or modern bats, as well as flying lizards like the Draco genus, the styliform element supports patagium, which can be described as skin flaps associated with the type of flight launch, which often extends from the rear arm to the back and form the aerodynamic surface for slide or fly. However, it is not associated with powerful flights.

Anatomy of Ambopteryx

Ambopteryx is a strange dinosaur, even by the Mesozoic standards. There are many skeletal elements inferred by researchers who are unique to this organism.

Overall, Ambopteryx exhibits body plans like birds. Soft fossil tissues are preserved like solid long hair around the neck and shoulder straps, the membranes associated with it, and the unknown tissue matrix around the frame. This little organism is thought to be weight below one pound and stands only 12 inches in body length, as can be associated with a femur ring.

Abdominal content provides another new discovery: these dinosaurs may be omnivores. The previous Scansopterygid nutrition strategy is unknown.

Twenty gastrolites, small stones swallowed and stored temporarily in the stomach (or gizzard in some modern birds), are paired with small fragments, together suggesting carnivores as part of the organism’s eating mod. Gastrolits are common in extinct sauropods, as well as existing birds, amphibians and reptiles, and may include size and number

We Must Recognize todays AL

We Must Recognize todays AL

AI somewhere now. It has become a modern fairy tale in the project and does not fit the task. How to make hand rules and computer solutions on created machines are printed and replaced by a deep learning solution quickly. But some companies know the AI ​​based and unpredictable based on how and how rich people who fit the disaster fail at least.

For AI for successful

companies need to learn to differentiate reality hype and discover the way that AI’s tenderness and uncertainty can affect less business.

During the revolutionary learning process, the image of the brain silicon transformation, with digital neurons, can connect together to form a comprehensive machine and make complicated decisions, in fact less glamorous.

Today’s daily learning revolution is led by simple statistical machines designed to eliminate data correlations and be derived from software.

Now, it can be seen as a stronger Pearson correlation with some additional annoyance, but there is no limit.Therefore, let’s have what to do with these basics, learn the algorithm just looking for the data that’s in front of them for appropriate inputs and outputs.

There is nothing more “learned” or “dubbed” about the world than Pearson “learns” or “reasons” about the spreadsheet. They only store the previous data.

This means that all algorithmic overviews have been limited to trained data, with strengths and weaknesses determined by the developer’s ability to be expanded in selecting inclusive and exclusive comprehensive examples and setting up many dialing algorithms.

The black tones that sang from the exercise process are better, with the modified pattern undisputed.

The feed data algorithm is now in place of a sweet correlation study and will produce human-like accuracy. Attempts to cover edges that are not surrounded by code patterns and will fail.

The internal learning system

lation system usually generates enough content with consistent accuracy. The translation nervous system, on the contrary, produces lesser content, more often discussed between human magnitude and almost blabrange.

Therefore, translation of translation users can complete the work for idiosyncratic translation, neural can not be interpreted to the world with the accuracy and small capabilities for predictions that will be done correctly or not. Although the common words in the sentence can translate the professional nerves to ruin the power when the system statistics only show small changes in output.

In addition, companies that receive and understand the power and uncertainty of learning systems can have the benefit of their influence.

Therefore, uninterrupted cars often connect the manuals of manual learning manuals in uncertain spaces will cause much risk. As such, companies can track the limits of in-depth research, build boxes and timely isolation operations to produce the most vivid and when fail.

Unfortunately, some companies

now have deep knowledge to know this boundary. However, quickly copy an untrustworthy calculus algorithm with an uncertain failure condition that recognizes an exceptional risk business without an example, for example, how to handle new releases.

Finally, as hype and dangerous hyperbola, the company needs to spend more time identifying the new, energetic, energetic AI systems and implementing things that will be put in the dark that will light up at the most possible time. ..